Windswell – Free Ride Sessions

Sat 22nd May 2021
7am till late afternoon


Brett Wright - Windswell
0427 498 042



WINDSWELL Free Ride Sessions.

Jam packed day of all things WIND SURF AND SEA.

The WindSwell Freeride Sessions

In conjunction with the Carnivale beach day

Start your day with a 7am pickup off four mile beach

For a morning WAKEboarding or TUBERIDE  session

Join our expert paddle guides for a beach SUP turtle spotting tour

Swap the paddle for our NEW Kite WINGS it’s super easy and so much fun

Try our Intro KITE Lesson demos text rides on all the latest gear

Prizes and giveaways super fun BIG M and S SHAPE courses

FOILBOARDING and much more

7am – WAKE Boarding

8am – SUP- Stand Up Paddle

10am – FOIL Boarding

11am – Kite Surfing

Book Free Online or $25 on the day.