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Port Douglas, 17th February 2014 – Port Douglas Carnivale will bring one of the world’s most unique sporting events to Australia for the very first time when it hosts a prestigious Japanese Yabusame tournament.

This is the first time an accredited traditional Japanese horseback archery event has ever been held outside of Japan.
Yabusame is an incredible display of skill and showmanship that has not been seen in Australia before and this year 16 entrants from across Asia including Japan and Malaysia will compete at Carnivale’s Yabusame tournament during the Family Beach Day at Four Mile Beach on Saturday, May 17.

The Yabusame tournament is expected to be one of the highlights of the day, followed by the Medieval Jousting Competition featuring the Knights of Camelot who will ride horses in full armour and thrill spectators with a display from medieval days.

The Family Beach Day kicks off from 10am with the official opening ceremony featuring a special blessing from traditional owner Alfred Diamond.

There will be plenty of activities on offer including a novice outrigger canoeing regatta, beach cricket and tennis, pony rides, Bouncy Castle, a skydiving display, art installations, beach busking, street theatre and a market area with food stalls and local crafts.

There is also a dedicated Kids Zone which will run from 10am until 2pm and feature the popular annual Sandcastle Competition, Tug-Of-War and a Treasure Hunt, with great prizes to be won.

Port Douglas Carnivale general manager Roy Weavers said there is such a variety of activities on offer for the Beach Fun Day this year and that he is excited to be bringing a new event to not only Carnivale but also to Australia.

“This is the first time a Yabusame event has ever been seen in Australia and we are looking forward to introducing it at Carnivale,” he said.

“It will definitely be a display not to be missed and I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in it on the day.”

Mr Weavers said they were still looking for sponsors of the Family Beach Day and urged any local businesses that wanted to be involved to contact him directly.

The Family Beach Day is a free event, which runs from 10am -4pm along Four Mile Beach.
A schedule of the day’s events:

9am-12pm – The Big Paddle – Novice Outrigger Regatta

9am – Iron Bar Hotel Beach Cricket Competition

9am – Beach Tennis

10am-12pm – Pony Rides

10am – Opening Ceremony

10am-2pm – Kids Zone

11am – Sky Diving Display

1.30pm – Yabusame Horse Archery Competition

3pm – Medieval Jousting Tournament

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